December 22, 2017

About Us

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Having more than 30 years of antiquity as a bulk saffron wholesaler, ZARDIS SAFFRON is a brand known for its high quality saffron. Also, it has high commitment in providing all clients with a stress-free purchase experience! 

“ZARDIS” means “Gold-Like”


ZARDIS SAFFRON farms are in Charme village located in Ferdows county as well as Ghaen (Qaen) in Qaen county in the north of Southern Khorasan Province (red area on the map). This area is the pole of saffron production in Iran. The type of climate and soil in this region makes it an ideal place for saffron flowers to grow with the highest level of stigma color, flavor, and fragrance! Also, the plucking salon, and the international sales office of ZARDIS SAFFRON are in Mashhad (the capital of Razavi Khorasan Province_green area on the map), the second largest city of Iran.  

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Managing Director:  Mohammad Reza Vafadar 

Board of Directors:  Farid Vafadar – Maryam Vafadar


During all processes from planting to harvesting to plucking to drying to sorting and packing and storage, ZARDIS SAFFRON constantly respects and maintains compatibility with the requirements of the international standards including: ISO 9001 (Quality); ISO 14001 (Environmental Issues); ISO 22000 (Food Safety); HACCP (Food Safety); HALAL (Halal Product); ISO 3632 (Dried Saffron Specifications & Test Methods). 

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ZARDIS SAFFRON is mainly a wholesaler and does not offer any retail service; thus, it can only supply bulk saffron in any quantity as ordered by clients from any part of the world! The purchased saffron can then be packed as desired under the purchaser’s own brand!

our mission

To become a reliable source for the provision of the real premium quality original organic Persian saffron to international clients and making them happy and returning clients.

” Customer satisfaction is our priority!”